Why have a blog if it doesn’t make much money


A few friends have asked how much money a good blog makes. When I tell them, they are usually surprised that websites in general don’t make much money.

One friend asked me – why have a blog if it doesn’t make much money? There are a few reasons.



Possibility to grow the site

Any website (or any business for that matter) has the potential to grow. A small website could grow into a big one. It has been exciting to see this site grow over time.



One of my passions is to help people. Another is to make things simple. Combining these passions, I want to share what I know to make things simple for other people. I also want to reduce stress and help people to reach their goals.


Residual income

Although the website doesn’t make much money, any money that the site does make is closer to passive rather than active income. If someone reads an article and clicks on an ad (even if I only make $1), that is $1 I didn’t earn trading time for dollars.


Building a library of articles

I have articles that I wrote three or four years ago that are still being found via search engines.


See what people think of you/gain fans

Having a website is a great way to see how people respond to what you think. Of course, it is more common to get slightly negative feedback than positive, but that is human nature I think. Having a newsletter or similar allows people to sign up to hear more from you (and hopefully become fans).


Build a reputation

Through having the NoMoney website, I have been on A Current Affair and written for other websites including www.bigpondmoney.com.au and www.regretnothing.com.au – which is good for something that I do part-time.


Possibility to make money in the future

As mentioned, a website works 24 hours a day. If you can use it to make money (for example, if you have products or services that you offer or recommend) then a website can help you earn residual income (or help you get new customers). Of course, this doesn’t have to be a starting point but might be a goal down the track.

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  • Mark Coburn

    Keep up the good work, I am enjoying reading it.

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