Who Owns Hoyts and Woolworths?

In a previous article Hoyts free movie ticket I commented that I usually buy my snacks from Woolworths.

But from a comment I got re: Hoyts Candy bar workers being retrenched last week – I also thought that I don’t want to have the closure of the Hoyts snack bar on my shoulders (the quality of the stuff the sell if usually pretty good).

Given that I don’t want people losing their jobs - should I recommend the Hoyts Candy Bar for another reason?

I looked up Hoyts on wikipedia. Interesting story, Australian company. (note I also had a quick look at competitors and they were mostly Australian too).

Hoyts is owned by a Private Equity (wikipedia definition) firm called Private Equity Partners – (company website). 

Woolworths – wikipedia is the largest retailer in Australia. It is listed on the stock exchange.

So who do we support – Hoyts or Woolworths?

This is one reason why money questions are not easy (and why I can easily offend people with my articles).

To make a decision like this there are many financial, emotional and other variables.

Your mind might work like mine (don’t read the below paragraph its all mumbo jumbo):

Ok I’ll go to woolworths because it is cheaper (financial), but I don’t want Hoyts candy bar guys losing jobs (emotional),  if I support Hoyts profits go to Private Venture firm in Sydney (and people who started Hoyts would get a percentage), whereas if I support Woolworths goes to shareholders, wait Woolworths CEO gets a huge salary, but Woolworths shareholders are mostly Australians, wait but some are institutions like banks and managed funds, but those managed funds might hold super money of regular Australians.

The Final Decision (Tree)

So there is no final decision (and of course you will have to make up your own) but my ideas are….

IF I’m running late OR trying to impress a girl I’ll buy from Hoyts candy bar. IF I’m with friends/family I’ll probably bring from home or buy from Woolworths. IF I am not hungry I won’t eat anything!

Wow… that was a lot of words for such a simple question (I hope this somehow helps you to understand a bit about how big companies work!)… otherwise I might have wasted my time.

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