What to do if you didn’t get the marks you wanted

Year 12 final results

For all the year 12 students who got good marks over the last week – congratulations.

For all those who got bad marks… well this article is for you.

I just wanted to let you know the good news… you DON’T have to get good marks to be RICH OR SUCCESSFUL.


Rich drop-outs

In fact a lot of rich people dropped out of university or failed school.

You’ve probably already heard about all the rich guys who dropped out of uni to pursue a business that are now household names – Bill Gates/Microsoft, Michael Dell/Dell,   Facebook… whats his name (seen the social network and I can’t think of it).


So here are my tips for being successful (and maybe rich too):

Do what you are good at and enjoy

Just because you sucked at school doesn’t mean you aren’t smart.


I have a mate who builds kitchen and bathrooms. I saw on one of his invoices that he had misspelled bathroom! But he probably earns more money than I do (after I did uni and 2 years study post-uni) – and has 2 investment properties.


If you can find something that you enjoy doing – then fantastic.


You can change careers until you find what you enjoy

For Gen Y (and later generations) – nobody is expecting you to work the same job/career forever.

And how are you expected to make a choice in year 12 as what career you want to do? – when I was in year 12 I didn’t have much of an idea about what people actually did 9-5 besides doing 2 weeks work experience.


So if you choose wrong* – Don’t worry you can change career (to something completely different) until you find what you like*.

A mate at work was a chef, became an accountant –now going into recruitment (although he was considering sports management).


Obviously there are problems with this (you may waste time retraining, your resume might look a bit blotted, you will probably be starting from the bottom each time).


*Note that changing career should be only after you’ve given it a fair go (say a year) and realized that you either wouldn’t like your bosses’ job. Or that you will never get your bosses’ job.


Just because you didn’t get into your Uni course now – you might be able to get there later


I didn’t get into the uni I wanted (Macquarie) initially – I drove past it every time on the way to Western Sydney (Parramatta). At the end of the year I reapplied through UAC and switched to Macquarie. (although note that Western Sydney was a great uni and superior to Mac in some respects when I switched).


For me changing university didn’t mean any extra time required – I got credit for subjects completed and most counted towards Macquarie subjects (although I did lose a few electives).


Another guy at school (who I don’t think even did science in Year 11 or 12) got in as a mature student to studying science at Uni.


Learning can be more important than earning at this stage

Learning on the job is a great way to set yourself up in the future.

People who get paid a lot (whether in a job or in their own business) – have often learned lots about the business they are in- and business in general.



Its not what you MAKE it’s what you KEEP

So maybe you won’t even up being a brain surgeon (although I had a client who was 45 who decided to go to medical school).


But a lot of people who earn big salaries spend it. I saw a book about Macquarie Bankers saying that they spend their large salaries on designer clothes, restaurants and taxis. It will be fun while it lasts but why not save a bit to working towards financial independence? Rather than spending everything and having nothing left when you retire.


Save 10% – that’s all you have to do. Setup an automatic transfer to a separate account (see my articles on saving for more detail).


Best of luck with your future plans!

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