What do I do if I am retrenched?

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I got a comment regarding  my article: Hoyts Free movie ticket (responding to my comment that I usually buy snacks from Woolworths) -He said that he worked at Hoyts and some of his friends in the Candy bar had been laid off LAST WEEK. He asked what financial advice I had for his friends?

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Firstly – Guys* who have lost their jobs – I’m really sorry to hear that. Being laid off sucks and it is unfair and it makes you question a lot of things about life. And also YOUNG PEOPLE are often the first to be retrenched.

My tips for Young workers who have been retrenched 

1. Get another job – Try to get another job asap. Don’t wait until your cash runs out. (perhaps this is too obvious but I have written it down anyway).  10 tips on keeping your job may help with the next job you get (or those who have a job may wish to flick through)

2. Apply to Centrelink for benefits (perhaps they could get Newstart, Youth Allowance, etc.). Have a look at Centrelink’s individuals page.

3.Think about your plans -Take stock immediately of your situation - if you are renting – maybe you should consider moving back in with your parents if you are not sure you can get another job.

4. Use it to your advantage – Maybe you can get a better job (I have about 5 or 6 friends who were retrenched in the last year that I can think of. Most are happier where they are now). Or maybe you can get a different job that more suits the unique talents you have.

Maybe you can use the time off to travel/ travel and work overseas.

Further resources:

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* By saying Guys I mean Guys and Girls

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