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The below information will be interesting for anybody planning to earn income from a website or to anybody who is interested to know how websites make money.

A few people have asked me:  Why are you doing the site?   to which I say: 

1. I have a passion for helping educate people (particularly young people) about financial stuff so that they can become financially astute and one day financially independent

2. In doing the above – I would like to earn income so that I become financially independent.  

People also ask me – Does the site earn money? and How does the site earn money?

How the site earns money now 

1. Google Adsense - (search adsense to see how it works) (I’m too lazy to find a link) 

2. Donations - if you enjoy the articles you may wish to donate a small amount to us

How the site may earn money in the future 

3. No created Products and Services -I want to provide financial information for those with no money. The site will provide free resources (spreadsheets, etc.).  

However – if I spend 10 hours+ making a great resource – I will probably charge for it. 

4.Affiliate Income - where you click a link from this site and purchase somebody elses product or service. I only want to recommend products/services that I think will benefit YOU financially (not just because I could make a quick dollar – see more about this below). 

No Money Affiliates 

Currently No Money has signed up to be an affiliate of the below sites. (see also below affiliates where I write about how I only want to make money if it benefits you/doesn’t cost you anything):

(Please note that it is very important you CLICK the below links – so they know it came from

Shop at! (so if you click this link and buy anything from Amazon – No Money will earn a small commission) – It costs you nothing but because we are helping Amazon get business – they will pay us a commission. 

Aweber Email Newsletter Program Aweber is an email newsletter program which No Money has switched to. I started with somebody else but EVERYBODY seemed to recommend this site.  What We Get If you signup – 10% of what you pay (Cheapest option is $19/month – so $1.9 a month) 

(there are a few more but I’ll put them up later)


Knowing how I Don’t want to make money to me is almost as important as how I DO want to make money. 

1. I don’t want to make money by selling you expensive investment products/services that might not help you.

2. I don’t want to make money by selling you financial products (like bank accounts/credit cards) that are not a good deal.

In short, I only want to make money by helping YOU. Otherwise I would feel bad – and it would not be in line with my goal up the top.

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