I am a vampire and website updates

Do I sleep? I have been so busy that a few friends asked me in the last few weeks whether I sleep!!!  (no – just for your information - I don’t sleepI am actually a vampire from the 7th century who after being killed, respawns into the 5th generation descendant of the man who killed or last touched me. I was last killed in 1847. But don’t worry - I don’t drink blood  – I just drink platlets so the victim wakes up the next morning just feeling a bit woozy)

but anyway about website updates…. (and if you sell my movie idea to hollywood give me a cut OK)

The Website

Despite not posting blogs much last week- I have actually been doing heaps of work on the site (and had heaps of ideas!).

Ideas/Upcoming Improvements:

- Streamlined URLs. I had this great idea to write everything Uni style.  Shares 101, Investing 101, Tax 101, Credit Card 101, Get rich quick 101, Employee 101, Selfemployed 101 etc, etc, etc. And then of course follow up with 201, 301 (the next level).

This should make the site easy to find just what you want (although of course you will come back every day or two to check the latest updates and awesome stuff!)

 - Newsletter – (as mentioned in my previous article - I have changed newsletter providers from www.ymlp.com to  Aweber. See below for more reasons to sign up to the newsletter – or simply click here.

 - E-book -I am going to write an ebook. – then you will be able to print and read through and implement my tips. Then you can read it on the train (if you print it print double sided 2 pages to a side – save paper!)

 - Uni Open Day – If you are at uni you might see me handing out a nomoney sampler. Or, even better – if you would be happy to spend 45 minutes/ an hour handing them out to people – email me at nomoneyau@gmail.com . I have a few friends who are happy to hand out for free (thanks guys – you are awesome) – so yeah the pay rate isn’t that great (but I”m sure I’ll make it up to you somehow – maybe I’ll spend 1/2 hour with you talking finances or something).

I did think of offering people who handed out newsletters 40c for people who signed up for the newsletter www.nomoney.com.au/newsletter do it – sign up now - it is a free newsletter that can help you get money (what is the downside? its all upside!)

(probably what we would pay google if we advertised with them and somebody clicked on a link to go to the site) – but then a few people thought it sounded too much like network marketing (and everyone hates network marketers!) I don’t hate network marketers fyi – I just haven’t found a good enough system for me yet (plus I think there might be better ways to make money)

 - Tax Rates – I have updated the table I provided in my article http://nomoney.com.au/australian-average-2009-tax-rates/. (I got a comment saying it was rubbish!). Stuff that guy – I don’t think the original was rubbish – but it could be a lot better, which I have done now.  This table will show you exactly how the tax system works. You will be able to answer questions like when do you start paying net tax (no it isn’t 6,000), when you start to pay medicare   – - all good stuff!

I caught a 11pm train home from work on Wednesday night after working on the Tax Rates spreadsheet – so I am thinking about making the spreadsheet a paid download or whether to make it free….(cause you guys haven’t donated to the site … got to think of another way to make some $$) .

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