Using the ATO automated phone service

The ATO have an automated phone service that is open 24 hours a day. If you have your TFN handy (you might have your most recent notice of assessment with you) then you can use the automated service to check your refund or make an agreement to pay your tax debt.


ATO Automated Services

You can call the ATO automated service on 13 28 65 for individuals (not in business) and 13 72 66 for those in business.


Reason #1 to call the ATO – if you haven’t received your refund within 4 weeks

Remember that while the ATO usually process tax returns in 2 weeks, they have a “service standard” of 4 weeks. This means that they won’t do anything until 4 weeks after your return has been lodged. After this point you can call the ATO and request that they process your return quickly (called requesting an “escalation” in ATO speak), in which case the ATO try to process your return or call you back within a particular time frame. If the ATO don’t meet the time frame they previously gave you, feel free to call back, quoting your reference number.


Reason #2 to call the ATO – making a payment arrangement

The ATO has an automated service to allow you to create a payment arrangement so you can repay your tax debt over time.


Other ATO Automated Services

You can call the ATO automated service on 13 28 65 (or 13 72 66 for businesses) if you want to do the following:

  • Find lost superannuation
  • Lodge a ‘refund of franking credits’ form
  • Lodge a baby bonus form

Also, if you have an ATO form you wish to have mailed to you and you know the number, you can call 1300 720 092 for the automated ATO publications service (if you don’t know the number you will have to call during ATO opening hours).

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  • David

    You’re not able to lodge a baby bonus form anymore, but the others are still options.

  • Scott

    Noted David, Thanks.

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