Things to do when uni semester starts

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 without further ado… Things to Do when Uni Semester Starts


The first week of term EVERYONE is getting their books at the Co-op book stores.  

Also the Co-op is usually packed the first Saturday  as well.

So my idea is NOT to get your textbooks in the first week. (unless you are worried you will get behind with your studies).

By buying in the second/third week you can work out:

  1. Whether you need the book at all (There are subjects like into computing and marketing that I didn’t even open one of the two required textbooks. If you know anyone who has done the course ask which book(s) you need and which you don’t.
  2. Whether the Old Edition is still OK -Whether you can buy from a friend or 2nd hand (maybe from a website).

Unfortunately the publishers usually publish new textbook editions so you have to buy new textbooks. However – you might be able to get by with an old edition –

The lecturer will usually tell you if you ask if you can use the old edition.

Orientation Week

First week at uni all the clubs/organisations come out. They can be good fun, a great way to meet people and really get involved in the uni life.

Everyone seems to disappear in the 3rd week (after all the hard work starts!). 

Plan Ahead

In the first week you usually have minimal homework. This is your chance to plan ahead. If you plan ahead and start assignments early, etc. – you will be streets ahead of everyone else who don’t start working until week 3.

One way of doing this is planning your homework time. While it seems a bit geeky – working out where you do your homework will help you not feel guilty when not hitting the books.

What I mean is –

The hour before a tutorial may not be the best time for starting last weeks’ homework – but it is better than getting picked on in class because you did nothing!

For example you have

BoringLecturer201 Monday 2-4pm and Thurs 1pm,

HeapsHomework102 Tues and Thurs mornings 9-11am,

HardInteresting201 Monday 5-9pm and

BludgeElective105 Tues 2-5pm.

Monday morning you probably wake up at 10am and do HeapsHomework til 1pm, have lunch and go to uni.

You look at your answers for HardInteresting and BoringLecturer 30 mins before class.  Monday night – relax after a long day!

Tuesday 11-2pm free time – have lunch with friends – push them back to 1pm so you can finish HeapsHomework (and scan the Bludge elective questions so you don’t get caught out in tutorial)

 Wednesday – free day – work, etc

Thursday – After HeapsHomework finishes at 11am – hit the books til 1pm.

You might choose to work extra on Thursday afternoon to avoid any time Fri or Sat but that is up to you.

So what you have given yourself above is a plan.

Things often don’t go to plan – the Monday morning or Thursday afternoon you don’t get the homework required – fine – do it on Sunday morning.

Write important dates in your calendar

Knowing dates when assignments are due is very important. If 3 assignments are due the same day you can’t simply do one late night the night before to finish 3 assignments.

Working full time while at uni made me a little bit more disciplined with this (because I didn’t feel like doing an assignment until 4am and then going to work). However I did stay up later finishing a lot of assignments.

Listen in class & Do the homework

Since you are sitting in the lecture anyway – you might as well listen!

For more in-depth tips I like Steve Pavlina’s article 10-tips-for-college-students/ - while ‘College’ students shows Steve is American – I think most of this stuff is great for Uni students.

HELP (formerly known as HECS)

In the next few days I will be posting an article on exactly how HELP (formerly HECS) works (and when and how you will/should pay it off).

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