The Unreasonable Man

My dad Jerry Kay passed away on 31 August (he had pancreatic cancer for the last 2 years). It was so nice to see and speak to so many people at his funeral. I wish to thank everyone for their prayers and kind words to me.

In my eulogy I spoke of one of my dad’s favorite quotes (by George Bernard Shaw).  The reasonable man adapts himself to the world around him but the unreasonable man attempts to adapt the world around him to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.

Unreasonable doesn’t mean being difficult

I don’t think being unreasonable always means to be difficult. For example – If I have to wait 10 minutes at McDonalds because they are busy – I don’t complain as I know the staff are working hard to get my meal.  

But at the same time –I have given tips to checkout staff at the supermarket on how to work more efficiently (use two hands people!).

4 Days a week

I recently negotiated to change from full-time work to work 4 days a week. While my main motivation was to care for my father, I also decided that I would like an extra day a week not working.

The reasonable man would work 5 days a week as everyone else does – but why not try to adapt the world to suit you?  (note that your work may not agree – but hopefully it doesn’t hurt to ask).

Another story I heard was of a top tax lawyer who used to leave work at 5:30 so that he could be home to have dinner with his family. He would then work in his office until 11pm usually. He chose to adapt the world to suit himself and his family.

Work Efficiency

You might notice that you waste time at work doing steps that do not seem necessary. Why not discuss them with your boss?

What would you change? Are you unreasonable?

I’m sure there are a few things you could think of.

If you could change the world to suit yourself – what would you change?

At work?

At home?

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