The Australian Way -do it anyway! Bridge Climb, Aussie Home Loans

Happy Australia Day!

I hope that you are enjoying the pool, the BBQ and the music (I am going to a friends pool party after I post this article!).

I thought today I’d write about The Australian Way. While America is called the Land of Opportunity – I love how many Australians have gotten rich or successful either by saying:

“I am going to do this – no matter who says it can’t be done.”

Paul Cave – Bridge Climb

Today many people have done the Sydney Harbour bridge climb since it opened on 1 October 1998.

In 1989 Paul Cave helped arrange a “world summit” (read: expensive get together with talks/seminars) for the Young Presidents Organisation. It included a climb over the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Paul decided that everyone should be able to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

But the amazing part of this story is that it took him 9 YEARS – to turn his dream into reality.

This dream meant years of (quote from Bridge Climb site) “dealing with dozens of organisations, as well as state and local government bodies, community groups and hundreds of experts on everything from safety and logistics to media, heritage and conservation issues. There were occasions when indeed Paul Cave was the only one who never let go of the dream of BridgeClimb becoming a reality. His vision, commitment, persistence and entrepreneurial skills were fundamental to BridgeClimb’s creation.”

John Symonds – Aussie Home Loans

John Symond basically said – stuff the banks – I can do this better.

The banks (back in the 90s)  made it hard for people to get home loans – John said -lets make it easier and try to make it cheaper for people to get home loans (remember the old ad – “At Aussie… We’ll save you”).

Aussie Home Loans- (links to about John Symond page) started out just offering loans – but now they are mortgage brokers (offering their own products as well as banks as well).

Today John Symonds owns probably the most expensive house in Australia and is one of the Australia’s richest men.

Lessons Learned

1. Some experience first can be good – Before launching Aussie Home Loans in 1992 – John Symonds studied law and specialised in property and finance. He had a consultancy company with State Bank (which folded).

Paul Cave created Amber Group which became Australia’s largest tile and paving retailer.

2. Do it anyway – John Symonds and Paul Cave would have had lots of people tell them what they did was impossible – they did it anyway.

3. Help lots of people – Again both these guys found something that a lot of people wanted – i.e. easier/cheaper home loans and to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge. If you found something that could help lots of people – maybe you should do it.

Other notable mentions:

‘Crazy John’ Ilhan – built the Crazy Johns network of mobile phone stores. article written after his death in 2007 and wikipedia entry

Ned Kellywikipedia – interesting to read the whole story

Mark Bouris – Host of the Australian “The Apprentice” he founded Wizard Home Loans in 1996 – which he sold to GE Money in 2004 for $500 million (note: was bought by Aussie Home Loans from GE Money for much less than $500 million)  Wikipedia Mark Bouris

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