That one missing crutial bit of information makes ALL the difference

Just to flag with you: The following tip won’t necessarily save/make you money (but it may save you a lot of TIME!!! which you could use to save/make money). (oh and p.s. I will be posting a lot more practical simple money tips in the next few weeks…I know that is what you are here for…or are you here for my insights on creating a better life for yourself and others? let me know at

Start your engines and spin your wheels aimlessly

Sometimes when you are dealing with people you are both looking at things from different angles and making assumptions about the other party (there was a movie with the line when you make an assumption you make an ‘ass’ of you and me!). (I think ’spinning your wheels’ is a great way of saying you are getting NOWHERE!)

Example 1: I am a guitarist/singer and today I got a reply to my request for covers gigs on musician classified site (love the punchline..Singles need help. So do musicians!).

The guy requested I tell him a bit about my experience, etc – which I did, I work full time, this website, in a band, have an encyclopedia knowledge of guitar songs, great guitar player/singer, yada yada yada (as readers will know I am not afraid of shamlessly promoting myself).

He comes back with -thanks but you don’t fit the bill because of X, Y.

Then I think what do I have to lose? – I msg back everything that will SELL him on me and answer anything that might NOT make him want me (or I say Yes I am  X, Y and I also can also do Z, A, B, C too).

But …. and here is the CRUCIAL BIT OF INFORMATION… The pub is IN ANOTHER CITY!!!!! And they want someone to play for 3+ weeks (which of course I can’t do working full time). (p.s. if anyone does want this gig… email

At Work – and this happens a lot a work. One simple piece of information can change everything. A Boss might assume a junior staff member has considered something which they hadn’t. A junior staff member might question what the boss does even though (my article!)they don’t know what they don’t know.

In Investing - you might look at this site (or seen me on A Current Affair this week) and say – that idea about (my article!)the first home saver account idea that I told A Current Affair watchers. But if you set up one of these and then buy a house in 4 years but you haven’t contributed $1,000 a year – the money has to be transferred into your super account!!!.

The takeaway – the practical stuff

1. Ask the main detail/stupid questions first (ask where is the pub located, etc.). Don’t ask 50 million questions but in Example 1 obviously where the pub is makes a big difference. How many nights a week playing would also be important to me but I think this is less of an issue in this case (i.e. that is more negotiable)

2. Read the fine print – and Don’t follow anything on this Website! (see our disclaimer – I don’t know you that ONE CRUICAL bit of info (e.g. you will buy a house in 3.5 years instead of 4) can make ALL THE DIFFERENCE.

3. Try to understand exactly where the other person is coming from – or as Stephen Covey author of one of my top 10 books The 7 Habits of Highly Effective people says ‘seek first to understand, then to be understood‘ (Habit 5 go to the above link and click Habit 5 for more on this)

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