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Setting up a savings action plan is one of the most important things you can do.

My first article, The one trick to Saving, is a good place to start.


Getting out of debt

Credit cards can be a useful tool or can cause massive financial problems if you struggle to control your spending.  I have spent too much money in the past and have written about picking the best credit card and how credit cards are out to screw you.


Also – How to spend less to pay off your credit card


Using your credit card wisely

Credit cards can also be dangerous when in the wrong hands so I have written about what to do if you find a wrong or fraudulent charge on your credit card.


Getting a good deal

I have looked at how good are comparison sites like iSelect? and getting cheaper car insurance.


Tax – Using E-tax

If you are planning to do your tax return using E-tax, check out Using E-tax part 1, part 2 income and deductions, part 3 offsets, other items and Medicare and Using E-Tax quick summary for simple tax returns.


Tax – Your tax deductions

What can I claim for tax? Office Workers

Tax tips for under 30s – Retail, hospitality, office workers and tradesmen


Tax – The latest news

2013 changes to the tax free threshold – how much tax will I save?


HELP debt/HECS debt for uni students

I’ve written about HELP-HECS – how it works and when you have to repay the loan and Should you repay your HELP-HECS loan or not? – about whether it is worth repaying the loan.

In January 2012 the Government changed the rules:  HELP debt – no longer worth paying off?

HELP debt – no longer worth paying off after 1 January 2012

Also – I’ve considered what happens at tax time:  Repaying your HELP debt when you lodge your tax return.



I’ve written a series on Super for young people part 1, part 2, part 3 and part 4.

Although most young people I know don’t care much about super (it is too far in the future to worry about), you definitely want to look at How to combine your super accounts if you have an extra account that isn’t doing much.

Another thing to think about is Super Co-contribution and how to do it however, again the rules are less generous than when the Government started the scheme back in 2006.


Your credit report

Your free Credit Report – how to see what a lender sees


How you think matters

I’ve written a bit on your mindset – how you think, the way it affects what you do, which in turn, affects everything.

3 Books that changed my life

You know WHAT you want but WHY do you want it?

Be OUTRAGEOUS -Ask and you just may get what you want


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