Scotty doesn't know

I am just amazed at things I have never heard of. People are experts in things I never knew existed.


I realise this trying to build this website. I did make a website in year 9 (frontpage express!) but to make a popular website – that is another thing entirely.

A few weeks ago I had very little idea about – making websites, getting people to come to your website, getting your website to earn income.

I knew these things were possible – I just had no idea how they work (I was going to ask if anyone knows how a TV works – but I realise I don’t care – unless of course my life turns out like a sci-fi novel and I end up on another planet and aliens want to know).

Now I at least have an idea how making a popular website works (making it happen in real life though is be something else entirely!).

Making software – one wrong command destroys the whole program

If you have ever tried to make a software program or website you will know that if you miss 1 thing – the whole site might now work (so frustrating!!!grrr).

Money – missing knowledge

And perhaps this could be like money.We think – yeah I know about budgeting, I know about money, I know a little bit about investing.

But do you? or could you be missing that one vital piece of information that could make a big difference. (Or even if it you learn 5 things that make a small difference – that makes a big difference).

Learn what you don’t know

So that is the purpose of this blog – to learn and write about finance (and a bit of other stuff that relates to finance – like goals, your mindset or even life!). To help you to learn a little about what you don’t know.  Its funny how you learn a little about something and then how quickly you can get to knowing quite a lot (thank God for the internet -otherwise once you searched the library and Encyclopedia Brittanica then that would be all the information!)


And maybe you will one day be a wise person – in knowing that you know nothing – that there is so much information out there that you can always learn new things (or it is very hard to teach somebody who knows – just like it is hard to put more water into a full glass).

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