Scam – The Cut Off Taxes Program

A client received the email at the bottom of the page.

I google searched ”the cut-off taxes program” and the first link was the ATO link explaining the scam.

Since they mentioned this on the radio this morning I thought I would give it a quick mention.

A few ways to tell scam emails

1. They come from a strange email address: such as

2. Incorrect Grammer (in the below email “Get Register Now” or “Online Tax Refund is so secure guarantee”)

3. If you click a link on the email to go to the site – it may look the same as the official site BUT you can’t click any of the links (it just doesn’t do anything).

What Fake emails may be after

1. You to enter your personal details (such as bank details) onto a website. Then they just empty your bank account.

2. Like one but they use your personal details to apply for a credit card in your name (also called identify theft or phishing)

3. Install spyware or malware which monitors your keystrokes so they can get your passwords into your bank account.

Who I have seen/received fake emails from

1.The banks

2. Ebay/Paypal

3. The Australian Tax Office

4. Nigeria!!!

Fake Emails – Tips to not get burned

1. Enter in websites directly (don’t click email links)

2. Don’t open scam emails – simply delete

From: Australian Taxation Office
Sent: Sunday, January 17, 2010 7:30 AM
Subject: Official Notification – The Cut Off Taxes Program

The Cut Off Taxes Program

The Cut Off Taxes Program (COTP)
If you want, from 01.15.2009 you can register for the The Cut Off Taxes Program (COTP).
This means you could get 19% back from all your 2009 taxes.

Remember to keep your receipt.

They will help you calculate your refund and you may be required to show them as proof of purchase.

Get register Now

* Online Tax Refund is so secure guarantee we`ll cover any losses it there`s ever any unauthorized use
of your account . In fact , we even guarantee that every payer will be paid on time or we will cover late
fees Payments are guaranteed as long as all payment information is entered correctly.

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