Saving money on food – live on $2 a day

I was doing a bit of facebook flicking at lunch. I saw the following update from a guy I haven’t seen for ages:

Please consider sponsoring me to eat for $2 a day (August 2 -6th) My target is $1000, for every $250 above this mark I will stay below the line ($2 a day) for another day.
To find out more please visit

Why $2 a day

Obviously many people in Poverty live on virtually nothing each day.

But how do you get to $2 a day? 

I found that in calculating the $2 per day they took a few factors into account like purchasing power & Australian $ (see for more info).

$2 a Day – is it even possible??

My next question (OK -  after asking if he was crazy) is whether it is even possible to eat for $2 a day.

To make it even harder, in the rules there are no freebies and no using the pantry or vege garden!

I found a blog post of a girls shopping list on how she plans to live on $2 a day ($10 over 5 days) here  There is a group meal plan (purchasing $30 worth of food for 3 people) and an individual plan.

So yes it appears possible (although very, very hard!)

What to take away from this

Well reading the shopping list article makes you realise again how lucky we are in Australia.

Its also made me think about how much I spend on junk food and fast food (I’ve cut down a bit in the last few months but still spend a bit).

Sponsor Team Mercer

If you want to sponsor my mate (OK so it isn’t tax deductible but still worthy) - his link is here 

I would laugh if everyone sponsored him and he had to go a few extra days on the diet like he has promised above.

But to check out the regular site (e.g. if you are strong willed enough to sign up for the challenge) is

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