Seminar Types – Property Buying Agencies

What is it: Agencies that help you find, negotiate and buy properties. They might also help you get finance, manage the property and with your strategy to use property to gain wealth.


  1. 1.       All in one service – You have a mentor/coach who is around to help you so that everything goes together in the one strategy. In the strategy they will make goals and make sure that your property purchases suit your goals and risk profile, etc. For example – Purchasing lots of holiday units to rent (or units in the same suburb) might be risky – but with their strategy they would ensure a balanced portfolio.
  2. 2.       Save time – The agency might find a property for you to buy (saving open house inspections, etc.)
  3. 3.       Save money overall – If you pay a property buyers commission of 5%, but save 15% more on the cost than you would have =you have made more than you would have otherwise. I am always happy to pay a commission if someone helps me to make money I wouldn’t have made.



  1. 1.       Cost/Do you need it? – You might be able to obtain similar information for free (or cheaper) by talking to various individuals (such as mortgage broker, real estate agent, accountant, etc).

Rating & Comments

Depending on the costs, this can be a good deal. For the agency to be the most help, you should be ready. Being ready might mean ready to buy an investment property, tax returns done, etc.

Your Work: Low, Value: Medium, DIY – Medium, Cost: Medium

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