or don't watch me tomorrow night?

I didn’t see my promo on A Current Affair tonight (I watched at work in the boardroom sitting in a leather chair with my feet up…..I’m curious how many of my firm partners read this blog!).

So that means I am not 100% it will actually be on TV Thursday night. although it will be on soon I’m sure. (and once the interview is on TV I’ll put up all the extra research  I did for the A Current Affair & links)

(I’m not dreaming – I really did spend 2 hours today being interviewed by Kirstine Lumb, getting shots with me and the case studies, etc, etc).

Random thought –  Out of Office Repliesare they really needed at this time of year?  I got 16 of them after I sent an email to every person I have every met (and their dog!) that I will be on A Current Affair. (Actually I only sent emails to people that came up on the auto finder – so don’t get too offended if I know you and didn’t get one..,.gee its hard to please everyone). Because if you email someone at this time of year and its urgent…. its probably better to call them as they will be happy to hear from you (so quiet this time of year!)

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