New Years Resolutions Suck!

New Years Resolutions Suck! They SUCK! There – I said it.

I’ve had resolutions before… but they usually last until about 8th January.

Saying – “I want to get fit/lose weight” or “I want to quit smoking”, etc. etc. usually just lasts until you get back into normal routine.

Maybe resolutions don’t work because they are not goals.

Remember from school! (if you did business studies maybe?) – Smart goals being:




Realistic (and… drum roll)

Time bound

So instead of generic getting fit you might say: I want to be able to fun 5km in 5 minutes by 30 April 2010 (or something like that!). So on 30 April you could run 5kms and see if you could do it under 5 minutes.

And since I had to write some SMART goals for work I realise how much time they take to think up. FOREVERRRRR!

Maybe this year it is time to do something a little different (and easier).

Here is the magic answer (well its not that magic really)Make yourself do your resolutions by making them automatic.

HOW? If you want to get fit – join the soccer/netball/other sports team.

If you join the soccer team –then if you don’t turn up at practise/games your teammates won’t be happy with you.  (note I don’t say join the gym – although the gym is great I know too many people who are paying for a gym membership they don’t use).

If you want to save money – put an automatic transfer from your bank account into an account you have limited access to for 10% of your wage each month/fortnight (see the one trick to saving).

If you want to learn guitar/take up a hobby – buy lessons or join a weekly group.

If you want to read the top 100 books – join a book club.

But I think you get the idea.

My resolutions/goals for 2010 (just in case you wanted to know):

- Website -To get 10,000 people subscribed to this blog newsletter by 30 September (if you are interested to get the newsletter (yay!) sign up by clicking this link )

-Website learn how to fix the website better so I can put Paypal donate button and email signup list into website instead of links (damn wordpress… it hates the html codes…)

- Website To make back the money I have spent getting this site up! (if you like the site maybe you can donate to the site (do it!)

- Band To play gigs & record our songs (EP?) with my band Throw Catch

- Finances – pay off my credit cards by 31 March

- Finances – loan pre-approved for a property by 31 May, buy property by 30 September 2010.

Happy New Year to everyone! – I hope it is a great one.

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