Its about spending wisely -not about being a tightarse

I bought Avatar on DVD last week at Coles. The guy at the counter asked me   How come you are buying it? Why don’t you watch it online?

Well…I figure if James Cameron can spend umpteen millions on Avatar, then at least I can pay $15 at the movies (or $25 to purchase the DVD).       

But it got me thinking about how people spend(and avoid spending) their money (and what the definition of tightarse is).

 Just so we are clear – is NOT about being a TIGHTARSE.

I think that is why most young people avoid learning about finances. They either assume:

  1. That learning about finances is boring and hard. Or they assume that:
  2. it will turn you into a tight-fisted, scrooge mcduck who doesn’t go out/buy stuff because it costs money.

What IS about is being SMART with your money so that one day you will reach your goals.

Smart Saving

Being SMART means saving some of your money. Set a goal of at least 10% (see my article The one trick to Saving).

But if you are like most (and I fall into this category) – you spend what is in your bank account.

A few ways I try to spend wisely

Obviously my ways might not work for you (you may love your lunch out). If not you may wish to think about other ways.

I don’t purchase coffee – my work has a coffeemaker.

I bring my own lunch – I just buy a loaf of bread each week and either spreads or salad bits.

At the shops – I look at the specials

I try to plan my nights out – so I can avoid taxis where possible

A few ways I just spend money (and don’t worry too much!)

I also thought I’d include a few ways that I don’t worry if I’ve spent too much – as life is too short!

-          Having fun with friends – going to the pub, out to dinner, having fun.

-          Car costs – insurance, servicing, petrol, etc.  It is pretty expensive running a car – but that is the price of being able to go where you want.

-          Gifts –charity, presents for friends.

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  • Michael

    Hi Guys,

    These tips are good. In one year of stopping drinking I managed to save for a house deposit and bought a small unit which cost 260K and now worth 340K. You don’t always have to have big nights out to have fun.

    Why not stay at home and trade shares and play online games?


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