Why I accept some invitations from people I haven’t met on LinkedIn


I have had a number of LinkedIn connection requests for a year or two that I hadn’t accepted. Today I decided to accept a number of them for the following reasons:


Great way to start to meet like minded people

LinkedIn is a great way to network with other professionals. I’ve written more about why I like LinkedIn in another article. In terms of tangible results it is hard to know if LinkedIn has made my employer or me more money but I’ve have had a few people contact me about what I do and I’ve had a job offer that originated through me adding a guy I didn’t know.


We are all salespeople

A number of people who have requested to connect with me are salespeople – either recruiters or people trying to sell the services of a business they own or own business. While I haven’t worked in a full-time sales role, I appreciate how difficult working in sales is.


LinkedIn isn’t a recommendation

As I am sure most people realise, being connected with someone on LinkedIn doesn’t mean that you recommend the person.

If I receive a request to connect from someone I don’t know, I consider our mutual acquaintances.


Can I help you?

I love to help people and it is a big part of my work and life.


Expands my network

In connecting with these people, it expands my network and means that there are more people that I am 2nd connection with. While I don’t actively try to connect with anyone and everyone, there might be someone I am interested in connecting with who has


Who I didn’t accept

There are still people that I didn’t accept (or may later decline) for the following reasons:


Add Everyone

If I feel someone is just adding everyone on LinkedIn I won’t add them so that they can’t then try to add every one of my connections.


No reason to connect/Why did you add me

Similar to the above, if I can’t understand why you added me or it is unlikely I can help you then I won’t accept the request.


What do you think?

I know that LinkedIn says not to add people that you don’t know. I believe this is partly for your own protection, but also partly for the protection of the LinkedIn network, to avoid the possibility of LinkedIn being blamed for spammers and fraudsters. Am I opening myself up?


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