How to save money at Christmas

I love Christmas, but we all spend big at Christmas. Below are a few ideas to reduce the cost of Christmas.



Do buy less food for Christmas lunch

Now I haven’t hosted a Christmas lunch but I imagine it is difficult to know how much food to buy so all your guests have enough to eat. However every Christmas lunch I have been to, I have eaten too much food. And everyone I speak to has eaten too much also. Let’s downgrade Christmas lunch from being the biggest meal of the year (food-wise) and focus on the fun instead. Or to put it another way – do you need to buy that massive turkey if your family is still going to be struggling to eat it by 3 January?


Do spend less on gifts that nobody needs or wants

Don’t buy gifts that will be put in a cupboard. See my previous article, What do I buy for Christmas for the person who has everything and how do I make Kris Kringle fair?


Don’t think that you need all the trimmings

Christmas is a wonderful holiday and should be celebrated.

That being said:

  • Do you need a real tree?

Buy a plastic tree instead (our plastic family tree lasted about 15 years!).

  • Do you need to buy a full turkey?

Seafood might be a cheaper alternative and might be enjoyed more, particularly given the usual heat on Christmas Day.


Do consider getting rid of gifts you don’t want

I write this unsure whether it is the right thing… But if you have gifts in your cupboard that you are not going to use, sell them or give them to someone else (although re-gifting can be risky, like in the movie “Old School”).


Of course this makes us uncomfortable. If someone has bought us a present, we should keep it shouldn’t we?

But in a society where we have stuff coming out of our ears – could you forgive me if I sold or gave away your gift because I was confident I wasn’t going to use it?


Or if you don’t want me to sell or give away something you give me… maybe you could buy me a gift like a ‘goat’, where the money is donated to charity instead. I may be a little disappointed, but I probably have all the toys I need anyway.

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