How to prepare for a cash disaster

With NAB bank computers down this weekend, I think a few people have come to realise how much they live month to month.

I was out with a few friends and one girl was paid monthly and was waiting for Friday to get paid. Now this weekend she has no cash!

 Now I don’t think this means that you should keep your life savings in a jar at home – but here are a few ideas to help you survive if anything like this happens again.

I have entitled this article What to do if a disaster happens because you might

 What needs to be paid now?

 Thinking about what actually needs to be paid to survive is interesting. Given most basic needs (shelter and clothing) will already be met – it is probably just food you need to survive if the ATM or bank goes down. I suppose you also need transport to get around – so money to buy petrol or a train/bus ticket would be needed.

Have some spare cash

Maybe a spare $100 at home means you could get by. 

Food & Water in the pantry

Always having some spare food in means you can survive for a week or two in dire circumstances.  Watching movies like I am Legend or thinking of bushfires, hurricanes, floods or other disasters that happen around the world – food (and water) are necessary for survival.

So the food might be simple stuff that is able to be eaten without much preparation.

Use more than 1 bank/credit card

One idea might be to have a regular bank account with one bank and a credit card with another bank. As these days some people live on credit – maybe a second credit card with a 3rd bank might not be a bad idea either.

 Have good friends and family

Good friends and family who might be willing to loan you some cash if you are really in trouble is great as well!

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