Car rego and how I told my car insurance company to get stuffed

Car Insurance & rego - easy as ABC

I got my car insurance in the mail a month ago (3rd party – the one that is required by everyone so that victims of car accidents can be cared for).

I couldn’t believe it… The insurance company no longer accept credit card payments. WHAT!?!? Am I expected to pay cash?

I am usually pretty easy going with stuff like this but I really could not be bothered to go to their office to pay cash or provide a cheque (who has cheques anymore?). Like anyone, I don’t like it when you are charged an extra 1.5% for using your credit card, but at least you have the choice of using credit card.

So I decided to change insurance providers. They can GET STUFFED!

Finding a new insurance company online

Lucky there are not that many insurance providers around.

I came up with which provided a link to a calculator to calculate various premiums for company’s that provide green slips.

In the end I decided to go with the company that I use for my Comprehensive Insurance (AAMI). On the few occasions I have dealt with them they have been smart and efficient.

They were actually one of the more expensive options from the calculation. But I must admit – I am happier to give the money to people who I already know and trust and who make my life easy.

How to change Green Slips

You need:

  1. Your Rego Notice from the RTA
  2. Exact type of car (I found this on my comprehensive motor vehicle insurance invoice)

I did the application for the green slip on the internet. In the end I needed to call the insurance company anyway because the last step didn’t work. But it was an easy process.

E-safety check (pink slip)

If you car is over 5 years old, you will probably need to take it to a mechanic to check. Most mechanics would be registered to do this I imagine, but you can check the list on

Paying rego

Once the insurance and E-safety check were paid, paying the rego was actually pretty simple. Go to, click pay rego, enter your rego and billing number (on rego notice).

Then you get into the main screen and there are ticks or crosses if you have paid your Green slip and had an E-safety check (if required). If everything is ticked you are good to pay by credit card.

Done – rego paid for another year!

PS. I hate rego month – I’ll have to come up with some good savings tips for next month!

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  • Dave

    I also discovered recently that you can pay rego by 6 month or quarterly installments,

    Trindaz on Fedang/money

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