How do you and your partner manage your finances?


I read an interesting article from Forbes. It claimed that the way that you and your partner manage your finances might not be the best way.


How do you and your partner handle your finances?

Every couple is different in how they receive their income and pay their bills.


Which bank account does your salary go into?

Lots of couples have their salary paid into separate bank accounts, while others put everything into a joint account.


How and who pays the rent/mortgage and bills?

Do you both contribute to the rent/mortgage, or does one person pay the mortgage?

Are bills paid by whoever doesn’t pay the rent/mortgage, or split?


How do you might handle your money?

Even though every couple is different, more commonly, the man would do more with investments and tax. The woman would usually do more to manage the budget and payments, particularly if the women was at home raising children and the man is working full time.


Men are better at budgeting, women at investments

But the Forbes article has it around the other way. Men are better at budgeting. Women, on the other hand, make better investors.

Which probably makes sense to you when you think about it. Men enjoy shopping less, so might be better at budgeting. Women are less risk averse and more likely to do their research (rather than invest in a hot tip from a friend).

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