Health Part 3: Seeing the dentist and all other specialists

See part 1 of this series for a general view of medicare and going to hospital, and part 2 for seeing the doctor and getting a prescription.


Seeing the dentist

Dentistry isn’t covered by Medicare, but is partly covered by private health insurance. At my dentist they scan my private health card and the health fund advises what they will reimburse for the dental work and I pay the balance (or ‘gap’).


I have been told that sometimes waiting until the new calendar year (e.g. January) can be preferable if you have been to the dentist a few times during the year –for example if your health fund only covers 2 fillings a year, for the 3rd filling you might make an appointment in the new year (although your dentist will probably advise you about this).


Seeing the specialist

Often other specialists are not covered under Medicare, but may be partly covered under private health insurance. Usually private health insurance will only cover a portion of the cost (depending on your level of cover), and may not cover everything you need.



A trip in an ambulance is a very expensive way of getting around, however the cost may be covered under a few different types of cover (so that you are not out of pocket personally).

For example if you have an accident going to work it may be covered under workers compensation.

If you have a car accident is may be covered under your (or the other drivers) comprehensive or green slip insurance


Seeing the physiologist

Seeing the physio is not covered by Medicare, however is often covered under private health.  Or seeing the physio may be covered for the reasons above under ambulance.

Depending on the type of physio and the type of cover will depend on how much you get back, and for how many sessions your rebate will extend to.

For example you might only receive a rebate for 6 sessions per year, etc.


Seeing the eye doctor (ophthalmologist)

You can get Medicare benefits for seeing the eye doctor.

However glasses, checkups, contact lenses, etc are not covered by Medicare (although you may get a small rebate from your private health).


Seeing the psychologist

If you see your doctor and get a referral to see a psychologist, you can have 6 sessions and receive a Medicare rebate. You then would need to see the doctor again to request another referral (and then another 12 sessions in a year could be eligible for a Medicare rebate).

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