Giving away a Notebook or $400 gift voucher tomorrow!

Hi guys

Sign up to the nomoney newsletter  BEFORE Friday 5th March 11:59pm  and Get a Notebook or $400 gift voucher

If you can’t signup to the newsletter because of computer issues (but would like to) – email and I’ll add you to the notebook draw.

We (Dave and Scott – of are giving away a Notebook computer tomorrow (worth about $400) to someone who has signed up to the nomoney newsletter. (I’ll contact the winner to see if they want a notebook or  $400 gift voucher)

Dave and some of my friends handed out some newsletters to Uni students during their Open Weeks – which said – “Join the newsletter before Friday 5th March… And go into the draw to win a notebook computer.

Not as many people signed up as I would have hoped

And to be honest – not that many people from Uni signed up. And there aren’t that many people on my mailing list.

While I have a goal of having 10,000 newsletter subscribers by 30 September 2010 – at the moment I have more facebook friends than newsletter subscribers. (look I am not a great marketer – I work as an accountant remember!)

How to solve this problem…

1. Delay the competition?

I thought about putting back the date  I draw the winner (a week or two so I can facebook/email everyone!) - but I decided that isn’t technically honest.

I think people respect honesty. I am 25 years old and I’m a virgin. While a lot of people don’t agree with the ‘waiting for marriage’ thing – they respect my honesty.

I have put the deadline as 11:59pm Friday 5th March 2010 to take full advantage so people can sign up tomorrow and be in the draw.

2. Ask People to invite their friends

If you like the site - invite your friends!  Shoot them a quick email (or facebook although you can only message 20 people as I found out) or status update, whatever!

3. Ask facebook friends whether they want to join the newsletter.

This is what I was doing until 1am this morning!!

Next week I’ll get more onto the content for the site.

(I have already drafted part 2 of the HELP-HECS – Whether you SHOULD repay your HELP-HECS debt and the best ways to reduce your loan – but I would like my flatmate to look at it to see if it can be made easier to read for YOU)

Voucher or Notebook? Maybe a Coles Group voucher would be good? I received a voucher from work last month which I used to partly fund my Asus EEE PC that I bought for $400 2 weeks ago. While the screen is a little small – it is awesome for taking everyone – on the train, etc.

c ya


p.s. I do read what you put on your newsletter form. So if you have anythying you want to say/comment put it in and I’ll probably shoot you a quick email.

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