Getting a refund on gifts you didn’t buy and other tricks


If you get a Christmas gift that is well intended but not quite what you want, here are a few ideas for what to do.



Is the gift worth returning or should you not worry about it?

Of course, these ideas are intended for the following situations:

  1. You have a really good relationship with the gift giver
  2. The gift is expensive enough to risk possibly offending the person


If the gift isn’t worth much or you don’t have a great relationship with the person who gave it to you then just keep the gift (or if you must, sell it on eBay or re-gift to someone else), because a good friend or a close relationship with a family member is worth much more than gold!


So, here are a few ideas to use the gift that you received to help get something else you want:

If you don’t have the receipt


How to find which store sells the item

If you don’t know exactly which store your item was purchased from, you may be able to use the scanners in department stores to find a price for the item. If the item scans with a price, you can assume that it is sold by the store.


Try to return the gift without the receipt

Some stores, particularly bigger department stores like Myer, may accept the return of an item without a receipt and provide you with store credit.

The discretion is on the cashier so it pays to be nice about it and truthful.


Are you sure it came from this store?

Even if the item sells in Myer or David Jones it may have been purchased from another store. This means it may be possible to return an item to a different store than that which it was purchased from.

This may be a question that the cashier asks you. Lying obviously isn’t right, however I do spend a bit of money at Myer so I could justify if I wasn’t 100% sure that the item was bought at Myer but I returned something to them once a year.


If you have a good relationship


Ask for the receipt

Asking the person who gave you a gift for the receipt to exchange it can be a little offensive so should be handled carefully.

If you already own the item (or similar), this is the easiest time to do this.


Ask the person to exchange it for you

Some people might not want you to know how much (or little) they spent, so may not want to give you the receipt. They might be willing to exchange it for you instead. Again this works best if they have bought an item in the wrong size or the wrong DVD series which can easily be exchanged for the same price.

And of course this probably only works if the person is a close family member or perhaps loves shopping or has a lot of time on their hands.


If all else fails


As mentioned, if you can’t return the gift, you would be able to sell it on eBay (although postage may eat up the money you would receive).


Also, there is always the option to re-gift it to someone else.

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