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I read an article about in a business newsletter I read called .

What Quickflix Do – Fixed Monthly Cost for DVDs

Quickflix provide DVD plans where you can borrow a certain number of DVDs a month by mail (and 2 or 3 DVDs out at the same time) and pay a fixed amount per month (currently from $10 to $30 per month). No late fees and free postage to post the DVDs back. See for the full details.

Internet Business – A great way to be in business

I am always interested in how different businesses work. I think internet business can be a great way to run a business.

Lets compare the Positives (Pos) and Negatives (Neg) Quickflix with the Average Video Store.

Average Video Store – Neg – need to have a physical shopfront (pay $ rent).

Neg – Need staff in the store at all times (wages $).

Internet Business Store (like Quickflix) – Pos – Open 24/7. Pos -No physical store/rent. Neg – Postage Costs. Pos – no need to be ‘in store” at all times (could fill orders in a few hours each day).

Quickflix have recently reached 10,000 subscribers. As the minimum plan is $10/month – even with the cost of DVDs and postage I this means the site brings in a bit of income.

Other reasons that this is such a good business model is:

  1. Quickflix – receives regular monthly income  (given monthly plans)
  2. You can budget your video store spending per month

I would be tempted to do this (if I didn’t already have Foxtel at home).

No late fees and no returning to the video store (send back in the mail). Lots of people have late fees with video stores!

The Risk – not getting all the choice you want

I joined a Book Club years ago where you had to buy 5 books in a year.  I got some good books when I started (there was always a cheap deal to get you in) but once I received the catalog each month I found it pretty hard to find books that I really wanted to satisfy the 5 books that I had to buy.

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