Free Birthday Hoyts Movie Ticket

(thanks Krystal for sending this, and thanks to Hoyts for the deal!)

The Freebie: Get a free movie ticket on your birthday (for birthdays before 31 July)

From the site info ”You can then visit any Hoyts cinema on your birthday, and present your free birthday ticket along with valid photo ID to see any movie, in any way you like – including La Premiere, Directors Suite, Xtremescreen, 3D and even Hoyts IMAX®!”

How to get it:

1. You must register at to print the “free ticket”. (no use just rocking up to Hoyts and saying – “its my birthday - I want a free ticket”)

2. On your birthday – take your free ticket and valid ID to Hoyts.

Why I believe Hoyts offer a free movie ticket

Tomorrow I’ll post an article on Why companies offer Freebies and discounts (and the day after what to do if a Freebie turns out to be costly!) but for now I have put below the main reasons I believe Hoyts is giving away free tickets.
1. To get you to try their more expensive cinemas so you might purchase more expensive movie tickets next time.
 - You might go to La Premiere and then your family/friends want to go La Premiere every time you see a movie.
2. To get you on Hoyts mailing list You have to sign up for the Hoyts mailing list (I unticked the options to receive Hoyts weekly email and 3rd party offers – I get enough emails & newsletters!!)

3. Because Hoyts will still make a profit despite the free movie ticket.

So lets say you get your free movie ticket. Then you invite 3 friends or family to go with you. When you get there you discover you forgot to bring the free movie ticket (don’t forget your ticket!) and so have to pay full price. Even if you remembered the free movie ticket – Hoyts still make money on your friends movie tickets (and also all the food you will buy at the food bar).

The Food Bar
When I went to Hoyts 2 weeks ago I noticed they has changed the way they serve customers - they have combined the ticket purchase and food purchase lines. Very clever – people are more likely to buy food because its convienent (they don’t have to line up again).

Sorry Hoyts but…I usually buy my food from Woolworths or bring from home (although the food bar is great when you are in a hurry!).


p.s. I think I might go on my birthday to the movies – my birthday is 31 March and according to Hoyts I share a birthday with Christopher Walken, Evan McGregor and Marc McClure.

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