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While nomoney is primarily about helping you to get better at managing your money and writing about various aspects of money and tax, one way that a lot of people fall over is organisation. I’ve decided a bit about some tools that I have used to get more organised. The first tool I use is Evernote.


What is Evernote

Evernote is a capture service. The icon, an elephant trunk is a great symbol to show how it can help you never forget (or at least find what you’ve put in).


Why would I use Evernote?

  1. Notes & Quick Reference

The main use is for people writing notes, but Evernote does so much more. I write notes on my phone anytime when I don’t have my computer. I use it for a quick reference while I am out, but also for inputting information while I’m out (whether by notes or photos or even voice message).

  1. Taking pictures

Have a picture of anything you want to keep – you can save it in Evernote. See something cool while you are out shopping, take a photo with Evernote. One girl mentions she takes a photo of all cards she receives and then looks at them whenever she is feeling glum.



I use Evernote on my Android smartphone and occasionally our Ipad. But you can also use it on your computer, iphone, etc.


Using Evernote

Evernote is pretty simple. It is pretty similar to using a word document. After you have a few notes you might want to think about setting Evernote up with a few folders (or notebooks) to categorise your information (so you can find what you are looking for quickly). Evernote also has a great search feature so that you can find notes on a certain topic.



Evernote‘s notebooks allow you to separate your notes into different categories or subjects. I set up separate notebooks (like folders) for separate subjects. For example:

Nomoney – I might jot down an idea for the next article when I’m on the train.

Health – I type in some notes each time I see the doctor. You could put medicare and private health details if needed, what blood type you are, what you are allergic to, etc. I also have taken photos of various health things like a 1 page eating plan.

Shopping – things I want to buy next time I go shopping.

Main notebook – anything that I want to capture that I don’t have a separate notebook for.



You can tag your notes so you can search tags later on. I don’t use this feature that often (yet), but it is useful where something might be relevant for more than one notebook folder.


How I use Evernote to remember things

I can be a bit forgetful. (more than a bit my wife say!) But even if you have a great memory, studies have shown where you only listen to something, you might remember as little as 5%. So I find writing things into Evernote helps me to remember (and also means I have access to what I have written later).


What you can put in Evernote

Obviously the way that people use Evernote are many and varied. The Evernote website has a lot of case studies like the woman who took a picture of all her birthday cards.


Just to give you a few ideas. Below are a few things I have in my evernote notebooks

  • A list of movies my wife hasn’t seen (often updated when we are having dinner with friends)
  • Notes from talks (including 32 different notes from an 8 week acting course I did 6 months ago)
  • Quick reference stuff like my blood type, RTA toll number,
  • A few cards I received from my wife
  • A few random friends addresses
  • Notes from seeing the doctor
  • Stuff for my unit (including photo of emergency repairs numbers and lengths of different areas when we redecorated)
  • Other random stuff including photos of catalogs or while shopping of things I want to buy.


Other features of Evernote

Sending notes to others

If you want to you can also forward an internet link to the note you have written to other people, or edit the note later.


Evernote Negatives

I had problems trying to think about negatives about Evernote – i.e. why you wouldn’t sign up. I suppose if you are paranoid about online security then you might be worried about having you information stored online. Also I read that there are a few permissions that Evernote asks for when installing that it might not really need. But for most people – a free service to help jot down things and remember key details… what is not to like?

Also –others might be worried about joining something that you eventually have to pay for. For example Dropbox is a great service, but I am pretty close to the 2 gigabyte limit they give to free users.

With Evernote there is a one note limit of 25 gigabytes and a monthly limit of 60 gigabytes to what you can upload each month (not that you will probably ever reach it) – but unlike Dropbox, there is no limit on the size that your Evernote account can reach.

How to Download Evernote

You can search evernote in apps in your phone – or check out their website the Evernote website. By clicking to access Evernote by one of the links in this article, you will get a free month of Evernote premium. Check it out here.


Also – do people have negatives on Evernote? I’d be interested to hear them.

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