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Your boyfriend never seems to ask you out on a good date. Or your girlfriend always has all these great ideas about restaurants, travel and dates to do -without thinking about how much it will hurt the wallet.

So – HOW do you get to enjoy the good things and get good dates – FOR CHEAPER?

The answer – what my girlfriend dubbed ‘the date book’ (really called The Entertainment Book).

What is it? The Entertainment book has a card (and a book full of vouchers) to help you save on entertainment – restaurants, movies, tourist activities, travel, etc.

The card works for the fancier restaurants, accommodation, etc.

The vouchers are for everything else – good restaurants down to fast food, movies, activities, services, etc.

Typical Deals

Eating Out -25% off the bill or cheaper main course free.

Activities like the Sydney Aquarium, Taronga Zoo, Sydney Dance Company, etc.  tend to offer the same deal (25% off the total or 2nd person free)

Other items include cinema, dry cleaning, DVD rental and other vouchers.

How much? The books retail for about $65. There are Sydney City, Sydney North (Northern Beaches & North Shore), Sydney Greater West, Central Cost and other Australian and New Zealand cities.

Pays for itself

The book probably pays for itself after 3 restaurant meals out. You go out to dinner 3 times (in the year) and save $22.50 on the 2nd main course cost or $22.50 (being 25%off a $90 restaurant bill) = $67.50 – more than the cost of the book. Given that it would be easy to go out 3 times in a month or 2 – I’ve found the book a good ‘investment’.

Where do I buy a book? Fundraising outfits (like schools, charities, work social groups, sports groups, etc.) tend to sell them.

More Details – once you are a member (i.e. have a book and activate your card, you can even download the free iphone app).


Variety –with heaps of different restaurants, it means that where there are a few restaurants –there is usually a good chance there is somewhere that accepts entertainment book voucher or card. If there is a Westfield or restaurant area – you will likely have at least a few (if not more) places to choose from.

Ideas – if you are like me and don’t always have an idea where you want to eat (besides a rough geographical location) – the entertainment book can provide ideas (or at least makes it look like you have done your homework!).

Fundraising – sales of the book support who you bought it from. It might help your school/work social club, etc to reach its goals.



Singles -With so many 2nd one free deals – the book isn’t really written for people who dine alone.

Regulars – You only get 1 or 2 vouchers or most things. So you will be paying full price at your favourite coffee house or fast food place before long.

Vouchers –I don’t love vouchers. Sometimes XYZ bar is totally different to XYZ café that you are sitting in (despite being in the same shopping complex). Also you tear them out too early, they get lost or you end up carrying them in your wallet, you feel cheap handing them in, etc.

Forgot the book/card – I have forgotten to bring a voucher with me numerous times. I have even chosen a restaurant because it was in the book- then forgotten to present the entertainment card with the bill.

Tips for using the book

Put the book in the car –then you can take advantage if you (like me) only think of dinner when your stomach starts rumbling.

Plan ahead – if your friend doesn’t care – why not try a new place out of the book. Or why not use the book as a cheap way to check out new restaurants or attractions.

Split the savings –An obvious one – but if going out with friends – split the savings with them 50/50.

(to not do so is almost as bad as people who collect cash where people leave tips and leave no tip on their credit card!)

Involve your friends If you have 4 people – you can usually use 2 cards – even better!

Would you use the date book?

Comment and let me know what you think about the entertainment book –

Will people think you are cheap using vouchers? – I’m not sure but I haven’t heard any complaints from friends when their ½ of the bill is 25% cheaper.

Would your girl/boyfriend use the entertainment book? Why/why not?

For those who have an entertainment book – anything pros or cons I have missed?

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  • Tom

    I love these books, but lately I’ve been all about these Groupon-style web coupon providers, of which there seems to be more every day. For things like dinners they are perfect, huge range of options and usually advertised savings of over 50% or more, though I don’t know if you really end up saving that much because you often have to eat from a set menu.

    I feel like a bit of a tightarse though when I take my girlfriend out and pay with a coupon. Even though I’ve still paid for it, it just feels a little less chivalrous. Will still much rather do it than pay full price though.

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