Creating A Saving/Spending Software Program

It is 6:40 on the Saturday night before I go back to work and I am sitting in my mates’ living room. (ok its Sunday arvo now when I post this as I didn’t have the internet)

Instead of going out with friends, watching a movie or having a beer we are creating. Creating is a software program to take over the world (evil laugh) (Well Dave is…the only program I have made was tic tac toe for year 12 Software Design & Development).

Actually it is a simple goal setting (SAVING) and budget (SPENDING) software program.

The saving part will be an interactive calculator that will help you see when you will reach your savings goal based on start amount, average amount saved, etc.
The spending part will allow you to download your bank statement and then enter in different tags for what you have spent (e.g. Petrol, Music, Groceries, etc.).

You will be able to track your spending categories (probably against budget amounts/previous months, etc.).

Possible additional features (you might have to pay for these!)

-         Automatic recognising of $ transactions (e.g. Salary, Gym fees,)

-         Automatic recognising of Narrations (e.g. if JB Hi Fi code to DVDs)

-         Updating of your savings bank account exact figures to see how long it will take to get to your goal.

Just working hard to make the program as simple as possible to use.

But perhaps a more important question is WHY? Why am I giving up my Saturday night to do this?

Well I have 2 goals:

1. To help young people better understand finances/money and use this knowledge to reach their financial goals. (tell your friends about the site!!)

2. I would like to reach my own financial goals (if you like the site click the Donate to to donate to the site!).

When you decide what your goals are and want to achieve them… it doesn’t seem such a big deal to miss a Saturday night (and actually we were in the zone… 5 and a half hours went like THAT!).

Will let you know more about the software in the next few weeks…

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