Christmas spending hangover

My credit cards (I have two because one came with a free coffee machine) – are reaching their limits. I think a lot of people might be in the same boat after Christmas.

…maybe I should be honest here – the reason my credit card balance is big is not only due to Christmas.

The reason that my credit card has a large balance on it is because I am a sucker.

I may have a bit of knowledge in financial matters – and people pay for my time…. But that doesn’t mean I can’t be sucked in.

I decided to go for a ‘free consultation’ to discuss my hair (ok there was my first mistake!). I speak to the salesman he says he did the hair regrowth program 11 years ago – and look at his hair. He asks me questions like – If you could do something now to avoid baldness – would you do it, etc. …. and suddenly I have spent a large amount of money on a hair regrowth program !!

But here is why I am a sucker…. I am not bald!! My parents and a few friends were pretty shocked that I paid for this given large amount of hair on my head.

Why do I tell you this?  Well firstly because I love sharing embarrassing stories about myself.

But maybe there are a few things that you can do NOT to be sucked into big purchases.

Maybe, like me, you have been sucked into big purchases – have a look at “a plan to pay off credit card debt” part 2 of this article.

How not to be sucked into big purchases? Ask yourself the following questions (which I have converted into the three words need cheap stuff? -to make it memorable):

1. NEED: “Do I REALLY* need this?” (*the “REALLY” should be said in a whiny voice to give extra emphasis).

2. CHEAP: Could I get something that does the same thing for cheaper?

3. STUFF?: What will happen if I don’t purchase this?

See if I didn’t purchase a hair regrowth program… maybe I could just shave my head every few weeks. And as well as not paying for the program I would save on haircuts too!! (I am only half joking here…)

Well lets use an easier example. Ryan bought a $500 leather jacket (marked down from $1,024 bargain!) in the boxing-day sales (I avoided the boxing-day sales because…well going to the city to battle it out with the other 4 million people in Sydney is not my idea of fun.)

He said he bought it because after standing in line for 3 hours he had to buy something!

Maybe he should have asked himself – need cheap stuff?

  1. Do I REALLY (whiny voice essential) need this? – well no – a leather jacket is a great fashion accessory no essential *(in my opinion anyway).
  2. Could I get something else for cheaper? Maybe buy 2nd hand on Ebay? Or go to a warehouse like DFO? Or buy a cheaper type of jacket?
  3. What will happen if I don’t purchase this? Well nothing probably.
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