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Is having a job more secure than running your own business?   How you think determines what you do In the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” Robert Kiyosaki speaks about the rich way of thinking versus the thinking of the middle class or poor. Robert Kiyosaki’s actual Dad (the middle

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8 Reasons to get onto LinkedIn   I enjoy LinkedIn. Having reached 500 connections a few weeks ago (after this your profile just shows 500+), I thought I would write about reasons to get LinkedIn.   1. People will find you on the internet Ok,

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Thoughts on working in the UK   Deciding to work in the UK Every year heaps of Australian’s decide to work in the UK. How does it work? It is still worth it, given the economic state of the UK?   Deciding to go It

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Why keeping a logbook might mean a larger tax refund   Keeping a logbook can often (but not always) provide the largest tax deduction for those who drive for work.   Taxpayers can choose the best method that they are allowed to use, in order to claim travel for

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Fiverr – how much can you earn an hour on Fiverr?     Fiverr is a site where you advertise what you are willing to do for $5. And there is a lot of good stuff on there! As mentioned in my previous article, I initially thought this concept was

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Fiverr – what can you buy for $5?

Outsourcing is something that Tim Ferris talks about in The 4-Hour Workweek. I think outsourcing is a great idea, but it requires the management of people to get things done. In a way, by outsourcing, you are exchanging doing the

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26 ways to Google search to find what you want – for Australians

Why you may not be using Google for all it has to offer Most people, when using a search engine, type in keywords. Keywords are the first step to finding what you are looking for. But what if you want

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