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Get a tax deduction for donating shares   If you have shares that are not worth selling or not worth much, you should consider giving them to charity.   Give your shares away and get a tax deduction will sell your shares. What’s more, if

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Receiving an inheritance

I wanted to write about what you may receive as an inheritance and what you might consider doing with an inheritance you receive. If someone in your family has passed away, my condolences.   Before you receive the inheritance Before

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Sharemarket down (but don’t PANIC)

 The USA (and Australian) sharemarkets have taken a bit of a tumble over the last few weeks. USA Bond status downgrade Two weeks ago the bond status of the country was downgraded from AAA (the top rating) to AA+. Small

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How I made 125% in 57 hours and why ‘betting’ on the share market is better than the Melbourne Cup Just an update about the Foreign exchange stuff (see also my first article ). Seems like Foreign Exchange can work. Maybe it is just beginners luck – but I made 125% on my money in 57 hours (2 and a bit

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Foreign Exchange – How to lose 400% of your money in 4 weeks Well it was a big three days. Last week I went on a seminar to learn about how to trade foreign exchange, e-minis, futures and commodities. And more importantly – how to analyse a few factors in the world

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Ways of minimising tax in the past – Intro & Part 1 Investors

Intro – how they paid less tax in the past One of the questions I get from people is – how can I pay less tax?  Looking at all the taxes there are these days – it seems that

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Scam Artists, Dodgy Seminars and My Past mistakes

Scam Artists, Dodgy Seminars and My Past mistakes So I have written a few articles about different types of seminars. I have written about seminars showing different ways to make money in property. Later – I plan to write about

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Offers to buy your shares – Hassle Free Share Sales

A former client of mine got a letter in the mail last week. It looked very similar to other letters you might get directly from the company (for example if the company was involved in a merger or takeover). Here

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Capital Gains and Losses and the 50% discount

A Capital Gain/(Loss) is an increase/(decrease) in the value of an asset from purchase to sale. For example: If you bought shares for $1,000 and sold them for $2,000 then you would have a capital gain of $1,000. Also, if

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Benefits of owning shares – Dividends

Getting dividend income from shares is a way of getting income where you get a credit for tax paid by the company.

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