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Flybuys rewards – what is your weekly Coles shop worth to you?   Coles Flybuys Since the takeover of Coles by Wesfarmers (an insurance company) in 2010, Coles has been trying to grow its grocery business to integrate with its other businesses. Flybuys is one way that they are trying to

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FREE on Kindle – Increase your refund   FREE – Increase your refund: Australian tax return tips for employees I have decided to list my book for FREE on Kindle until 5:59pm this Sunday. You can download your free copy of the book at  

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How to decide if you should switch your bank account   Should you switch your bank account? There are a lot of banks that now offer fee-free accounts. Below are my thoughts on whether it is worth switching.   Reasons to make the switch: There’s no point making the

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The truth about how Quibids really works

“Are you ready to save 95% on what you want most? Try Get an apple ipad for $67.” Maybe I have been watching too much TV over the holidays but I am getting pretty sick of this ad. So

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The date book – good dates for cheap   Your boyfriend never seems to ask you out on a good date. Or your girlfriend always has all these great ideas about restaurants, travel and dates to do -without thinking about how much it will hurt the wallet.

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Discounts and Freebies and why companies offer them

Before taking up a discount or freebie – think about why the company is offering the freebie to see whether it is of value to you

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Free Birthday Hoyts Movie Ticket

Want a free Hoyts movie ticket (for any cinema) on your birthday?

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