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No money turns 5! (thoughts from five years of running a blog of financial tips)   Why did you start the website? Five years ago, I decided that I wanted to help people with their finances. I read the news and looked online a lot and there was so much information for older

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How to prepare for a cash disaster

With NAB bank computers down this weekend, I think a few people have come to realise how much they live month to month. I was out with a few friends and one girl was paid monthly and was waiting for

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Find or search BSB numbers

How to find a bank’s BSB number There is now a website that allows you to look up a banks BSB numbers. As you know BSB numbers usually have 6 digits (though can have 5). For a bit more information

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Smart Kid This site (from Rich Dad, Poor Dad) has some games designed to help kids and teenagers understand how money works. I think these games work quite well to help you understand how money works. (I spent about an hour playing them

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Watch the video of me on A Current Affair

A few people have asked me about my interview on A Current Affair. I realise I didn’t upload the video link.  Click Here to watch the video of me on A Current Affair After watching the video you also might want to

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That one missing crutial bit of information makes ALL the difference

Just to flag with you: The following tip won’t necessarily save/make you money (but it may save you a lot of TIME!!! which you could use to save/make money). (oh and p.s. I will be posting a lot more practical

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You know WHAT you want but WHY do you want it?

You may have some idea about what you want out of life. But focusing on WHY you want WHAT you want…. could make your answers change completely.

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or don't watch me tomorrow night?

I’m sure I’ll be on on A Current Affair soon… maybe not Thursday 7th Jan though…

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Watch me on A Current Affair Tomorrow Night!

I have just finished an interview with A Current Affair which will air tomorrow night ( Thursday 7th Jan at 6:30pm on Channel 9) (TOMORROW NIGHT!!! I couldn’t believe it when they told me! the news happens pretty quick!)

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