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5 tips to make tracking your spending simple My wife and I have tracked our personal spending for nearly three years. It sounds like an enormous task (we have 8 accounts between us), but it isn’t. Tracking our spending only takes a few minutes each week. Here

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Does 15 minutes of fame mean anything in 2015? My friend (and client) Jake, currently has the #1 article on Reddit. The picture blog (original article here) or news article with pictures  is about his mother and is titled This is what Early Onset Dementia looks like. On Tuesday 26th May at 8:10am,

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No money turns 5! (thoughts from five years of running a blog of financial tips)   Why did you start the website? Five years ago, I decided that I wanted to help people with their finances. I read the news and looked online a lot and there was so much information for older

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Got Married or changed your name – tell the ATO or your refund will be delayed   If you have changed your name, the ATO are now holding tax refunds until the ATO has been provided with proof of the name change.   Most commonly, this would occur if you got married recently, but of

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Don’t wait until 31 October to get a tax agent or lodge your tax return   A girl I worked with told me that she had prepared her tax return but was waiting until 31 October to lodge her tax return. I told her a few reasons why that wasn’t a good idea:  

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When will I get my tax return refund and what can I do if it doesn’t come?   Below is information on how quickly you should receive your tax refund, and what to do if you don’t receive it. Most refunds within two weeks, nearly all within three The ATO processes most individual tax returns within

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Why I accept some invitations from people I haven’t met on LinkedIn I have had a number of LinkedIn connection requests for a year or two that I hadn’t accepted. Today I decided to accept a number of them for the following reasons:   Great way to start to meet like

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Getting a refund on gifts you didn’t buy and other tricks   If you get a Christmas gift that is well intended but not quite what you want, here are a few ideas for what to do.     Is the gift worth returning or should you not worry about

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Dealing with call centre operators   I spent over an hour last week on the phone with call centre operators. Here are my ideas for a successful call to a call centre:   Before you call Have the right information to get through to

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How to save money at Christmas I love Christmas, but we all spend big at Christmas. Below are a few ideas to reduce the cost of Christmas.     Do buy less food for Christmas lunch Now I haven’t hosted a Christmas lunch but I

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