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How much do you make per sale when you write a book and publish independently?   My book As you know, I have written a book called “Increase your refund: Australian tax return tips for employees”. You can check it out here: It was a trying process, but I am very glad that

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8 Reasons to get onto LinkedIn   I enjoy LinkedIn. Having reached 500 connections a few weeks ago (after this your profile just shows 500+), I thought I would write about reasons to get LinkedIn.   1. People will find you on the internet Ok,

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26 ways to Google search to find what you want – for Australians

Why you may not be using Google for all it has to offer Most people, when using a search engine, type in keywords. Keywords are the first step to finding what you are looking for. But what if you want

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Automate the web with IFTTT(IF this THEN that) If this, then that (IFTTT like Gift without the G) is a great free website. Check it out at What IFTTT does: It allows you to automate (some) things that happen on the internet (which IFTTT calls recipes).

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Evernote – and why you should use it While nomoney is primarily about helping you to get better at managing your money and writing about various aspects of money and tax, one way that a lot of people fall over is organisation. I’ve decided a bit about

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