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That one missing crutial bit of information makes ALL the difference

Just to flag with you: The following tip won’t necessarily save/make you money (but it may save you a lot of TIME!!! which you could use to save/make money). (oh and p.s. I will be posting a lot more practical

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on ACA next week most likely

Ok so I wasn’t on A Current Affair last night (I appreciate those who learned about the plight of the Tasmanian Devil for me – the link goes to the video for those interested). Lesson Learned: Don’t rely on when

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or don't watch me tomorrow night?

I’m sure I’ll be on on A Current Affair soon… maybe not Thursday 7th Jan though…

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Christmas spending hangover

The reason that my credit card has a large balance on it is because I am a sucker – and how to avoid mistakes I have made.

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