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Should I cancel my Private Health Insurance?

Private Health Insurance Should I get private health insurance? (or as a few people are asking) -should I cancel my private health insurance? it seems that I pay $75/month and all I do is go to the dentist 2x a

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Lifetime health cover (LHC) Private Health Insurance rebate cancelled

The government has just announced that they will be cancelling the private health insurance rebate for lifetime health cover loading amounts.   Most people don’t pay lifetime health cover as they obtain private health insurance by the deadline Due to

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Medical expense offset set to be income tested for 2013 year

The medical expenses offset is set to be income tested for the 2013 tax year if legislation initially announced in the May 2012 budget goes through parliament.   The current rules The 2012 rules allow a 20% tax offset for

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Health Part 6: Medicare Levy Surcharge – 1% if your family isn’t covered

Medicare Levy Surcharge – 1% if your family isn’t covered This surcharge is for high income earners (and their non-low income spouses) who do not have private health insurance. In the 2012/2013 year – if you earn above $84,000 as

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Health Part 5: Medicare Levy

Part 5: The tax side of Health – Medicare Levy The money government puts into health is funded by tax collected.  But as mentioned before, the government doesn’t pay as much when you use the private system, so they would

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Health Part 3: Seeing the dentist and all other specialists

See part 1 of this series for a general view of medicare and going to hospital, and part 2 for seeing the doctor and getting a prescription.   Seeing the dentist Dentistry isn’t covered by Medicare, but is partly covered

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Medicare and Private Health Part 1: The Medicare System & going to hospital

Introduction to medicare and private health You’ve been to the doctor, you have private health insurance, you know about medicare and private health right? I thought I did, but I have learned a lot more about health in the last

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