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Dealing with call centre operators   I spent over an hour last week on the phone with call centre operators. Here are my ideas for a successful call to a call centre:   Before you call Have the right information to get through to

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The truth about how Quibids really works

“Are you ready to save 95% on what you want most? Try Get an apple ipad for $67.” Maybe I have been watching too much TV over the holidays but I am getting pretty sick of this ad. So

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Scam Artists, Dodgy Seminars and My Past mistakes

Scam Artists, Dodgy Seminars and My Past mistakes So I have written a few articles about different types of seminars. I have written about seminars showing different ways to make money in property. Later – I plan to write about

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Car rego and how I told my car insurance company to get stuffed

Car Insurance & rego - easy as ABC I got my car insurance in the mail a month ago (3rd party – the one that is required by everyone so that victims of car accidents can be cared for). I couldn’t believe it…

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What do I do if I am retrenched?

My advice for Young workers who have been retrenched ….

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on ACA next week most likely

Ok so I wasn’t on A Current Affair last night (I appreciate those who learned about the plight of the Tasmanian Devil for me – the link goes to the video for those interested). Lesson Learned: Don’t rely on when

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Robert Kiyosaki is a bit of a wanker

Scott shares his views on the author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad (and the many other Rich Dad books).

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