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When you can’t claim losses from your new business against your salary If you start a business in your own name (or partnership) you may not be able to claim losses you make against other income. There are special rules called non-commercial loss rules or tests.   How the non-commercial rules

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Mummy, this is only the second time ever you’ve picked me up from school…   Can you have it all? Collette Dinnigan has a lot of things most of us would only dream of… Dream 1: A profitable business Collette’s business is projected to have sales of $14 million this year. Dream 2:

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Is having a job more secure than running your own business?   How you think determines what you do In the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” Robert Kiyosaki speaks about the rich way of thinking versus the thinking of the middle class or poor. Robert Kiyosaki’s actual Dad (the middle

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How much do you make per sale when you write a book and publish independently?   My book As you know, I have written a book called “Increase your refund: Australian tax return tips for employees”. You can check it out here: It was a trying process, but I am very glad that

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Fiverr – how much can you earn an hour on Fiverr?     Fiverr is a site where you advertise what you are willing to do for $5. And there is a lot of good stuff on there! As mentioned in my previous article, I initially thought this concept was

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Fiverr – what can you buy for $5?

Outsourcing is something that Tim Ferris talks about in The 4-Hour Workweek. I think outsourcing is a great idea, but it requires the management of people to get things done. In a way, by outsourcing, you are exchanging doing the

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ATO business viability assessment tool

The Australian Taxation Office has added a new calculator to their bag of tricks.   Introducing the ATO business viability assessment tool The business viability assessment tool lets you see the ATO’s opinion of any weaknesses in your business.  

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Below are some thoughts about why I run   How much do you understand about money (and debt, saving, borrowing, tax and business)? So many people I speak to either: Think they understand money (but have a lot of

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How much is enough? The Wolf on Wall Street – Jordan Belmont

I finished a fantastic book while on holiday – The wolf on wall street. Jordan Belmont  “partied like a rock star and lived like a king”.  Jordan started working as a stockbroker and within 6 years had founded his own

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How can I tell if someone is registered for GST or not?

Individuals or businesses with sales under $75,000 are not required to register for GST (taxi-drivers however do need to register regardless of turnover).   Realistically, this means most people are registered for GST. And often companies will force contractors to

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