Cash loans – only if you are desperate

Cash loans – only if you are desperate

If you need short-term cash there are people who will offer it.

Obviously though – it will come at a price (a big price).

Need a short term loan(shark?)

So I went to (one I saw advertised on the net).

From what I could read on the site – looks like the charge about $25  for each $100 you borrow (each month!).

Obviously this is not a good ‘investment’ (these guys are more like the loan sharks of the internet).

Use your credit card cash advance rather than a payday loan

You would probably be better off getting a cash advance from your credit card (if you have one). As a cash advance from the credit card might only cost you 21% a year (or $21 for every $100) a YEAR (rather than $25 a month).

But it is good to know that if you really need it – you can probably get cash in a few days.

How this helps savvy savers

 Knowing that if you REALLY REALLY need cash in a day or 2 – you can get it from –means that you don’t have to worry about running out of cash.

Now while I use my credit card where I can – there are lots of things that you you can’t use credit card for.

While you should never intend to use – it means that you can leave less of a cash buffer – knowing that you could always use a loan if you REALLY needed to.

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