Buying a new car – for the cheapest price

I was chatting to a guy in my soccer team.

It made me realize how sometimes – it isn’t what you know, but WHO you know.

Buying a new car – for the cheapest price.

 He operates a service of buying cars for people.

You tell him what type of car you want, and then he goes out and finds it for you at the cheapest price (and believe me – he can get it cheaper than you can!).

 I found out about this when one of the guys in the soccer team was going on about his new car.

How does he do this?

 It is not just what you know, but WHO you know.

 He knows lots of car dealers.

But the thing I realized is, even if he gave you the list of car dealers that he deals with – you probably wouldn’t be able to get as good a deal as he gets.

 Because he knows the car dealers and has a relationship with them. Because he buys many cars from them – they are willing to offer him a cheaper price.

New car or old?

There are advantages and disadvantages in buying a new car. A second hand car is cheaper – but you are buying all the problems that the original owner had. 

With a new car you get a warrenty, everything runs smoothly & the car is very easy to maintain.

If you are thinking of buying a new car – I recommend

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  • Noel

    Don’t you believe it!
    Despite their marketing hype I was offered prices lower than what NewCarsPlus was able to obtain by approaching retail dealerships in person.
    Two dealerships offered me a lower price! Guess where I bought my car?
    My advice “shop around”!

  • Noel

    Don’t you believe it!
    I was able to achieve a lower price than quoted by NewCarsPlus by approaching 2 retail dealerships in person. Guess where I bought my car?
    My advice: “Shop Around”

  • Noel

    Don’t delete my comments. Is this site impartial or not?

  • Scott

    Hi Noel
    sorry for the delay – I manually approve comments so I don’t get any spam on the site (you wouldn’t believe the amount of spam sites like this get).

  • Steve

    Noel, can you give us the name of the dealerships? I asked New Cars Plus to help me find a Mazda 3 a few months back and they got back to me with much lower price than dealers!

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