Be OUTRAGEOUS -Ask and you just may get what you want

If you want something – why not ask for it?

And while you are asking – why not be OUTRAGEOUS and ask for everything you could have wanted?

One of my favourite property gurus Steve McKnight has a website

A bit about Steve McKnight first – he worked as an audit manager (similar to me accountant). His books From 0 to 260+ Properties in 7 Years, (there were previously 2 books From 0 to 130+ in 3.5 and sequel From 0- 260+ in 7 Years which I have at home – these are probably been combined into one) and $1,000,000 in Property in One Year     are very easy to read and VERY practical (to start your own property empire). I have a link through to Amazon to buy the updated version of 0-130 Properties in 3.5 years (however it is not out in the US yet but it is out in Australian bookstores)

Now I’ve just sent them an email. The average joe would ask them to link to my website (which I have done after I have created a link on my site to 

But in addition to that I have asked to interview Steve McKnight to give extra suggestions for all you guys (and then of course you’ll have to trot off to the bookstore and buy his book – it is really good).

Maybe a little extra begging might help too…. please Steve… please!!

(Steve – if you are reading this – can you get them to send me the new updated version of the book – I have 2 copies of the old one but it looks like there is a lot of new chapters)

(below are the questions that I’d love to ask him)

1. Tell us about how you started out and your first investment property.
2. What is your biggest financial mistake? What was your best financial decision? (although maybe we’ll let readers read your books to get the 2nd part of the question)
3. How long were you investing before you were financially free? (and how long before you quit your job)
4. Readers who read 0- 260 properties will see you split with your business partner. Would you recommend for young people to partner up to achieve wealth? What are some tips in partnering up to create wealth?
5. Is there any wisdom that you would like to impart on young people?

Because maybe it will work – I asked to be on A Current Affair on 30 December 2009 – and the show should air tonight (be watching!! 6:30 on channel 9)

How to apply this – BE OUTRAGEOUS and ASK

Some ideas of how to apply this:

1. A friend of mine asked if he could work 4 days a week – his company let him and because they hadn’t given him a salary increase – they kept his pay the same.

2. (Guys) (or girls I suppose) Why not ask out that person that you like?

You may have to show something of value (you may have to show Steve McKnight what a cool website you have, your boss that you are worth being paid 5 days for working 4 days, etc., etc.)

But why not go for it!!!?????


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