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Shares 101 – What is a share? What is a company?

A share (or stock as they call them in the USA) is part ownership of a company. To truly understand what a share is (and how it works) – you need to understand what a company is and how they work.

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Picking the best credit card

After my rant about how credit-cards-are-out-to-screw-you I thought I would write about how to pick the best credit card for you. You might be just looking for your first credit card, a balance transfer or a better deal. Balance Transfer

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Credit Cards are out to screw you

I am still have a Credit Card debt and it annoys me (see below for a bit more about my story). So I decided to write about all the ways that  Credit cards are out TO SCREW YOU. Soon I’ll write another

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No Money Newslink – your link to the latest financial stories

I am time poor (like the rest of the planet). I don’t have heaps of time to keep up with the news (I often get accused of ‘living under a rock’!).And a lot of the stuff in the news I

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Should you repay your HELP-HECS loan or not?

Whether you SHOULD repay your HELP-HECS loan and the best ways to reduce your HELP-HECS loan: This article is 2/2 of HELP-HECS. See for part 1. I have taken time to try and make this as simple as possible (with a few diagrams

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Winner of Notebook &Invoicing for musicians

 Winner of the Notebook Congratulations to Mark Panetta who has won the notebook worth $400 (or gift vouchers to the same effect). But there are still benefits to signing up to the no money newsletter – I’m going to link

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Giving away a Notebook or $400 gift voucher tomorrow!

Hi guys Sign up to the nomoney newsletter  BEFORE Friday 5th March 11:59pm  and Get a Notebook or $400 gift voucher If you can’t signup to the newsletter because of computer issues (but would like to) – email and I’ll add you

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HELP-HECS – how it works and when you have to repay the loan

This is Part 1 of 2 on HELP-HECS Part 2 is about: 1. Whether you SHOULD repay your HELP-HECS loan, and 2. The best ways to reduce your HELP-HECS loan I have also created a HELP calculator, to work out how long it will

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saw Mark Bouris from the Apprentice re: Credit Squeeze

Alternate title: If you think Economics is boring and doesn’t affect you in the real world… think again. Note:This article does not include practical money tips – which is the dream behind (I’ll be back on track next week with the lowdown

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Things to do when uni semester starts

If you are checking out the site for the first time after being handed a leaflet or business card… Welcome! Hope O-week was fun.    Don’t forget to sign up for the newsletter (click here) Send us an email at

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