Apple Ipad and how you could make money from it

Just read an article about the Ipad, which Apple has announced this morning.  (if you are interested – here is the article)

My thoughts about the new Ipad

I think the Ipad sounds fantastic. Something simple you can carry around – but bigger than an Iphone so you can show your mate the latest youtube video.

The consumer in me is thinking of all the ways that I could use an Ipad when I got it.

However the businessman in me is asking a very different question…

The businessman question:

How can I make money from the Ipad Phenomenon?

A lot of people are going to buy Ipads and applications and e-books and that is going to make some people a lot of money. A few quick ideas about how you might be able to make money from Ipads

Idea 1: Think about buying shares in Apple, Inc*

* Note – I don’t have a Australian Financial Services Licence and I it is against the law for me to recommend you buy shares (and in my opinion I won’t be buying them). Please read our Disclaimer in the About No and Disclaimer page.  There is risk in investing in financial products like shares – and Apple shares may go down in value rather than up.

I got a call from Atlantic Pacific Securities this morning and they sent through some information. In their newsletter (which you pay for) they had recommended Apple, Inc back in July (when it was $140/share) and in November it is $200/share (not sure if these are USD$ or AUD$) – today Apple, Inc shares closed at $207USD per share. See  here for the latest quote.

Apple Inc shares are listed on US stock market called the Nasdaq. Many Australian stockbrokers (and a lot of internet brokers) won’t let you buy overseas shares. might have a summary about different prices/options with share brokers

Idea 2: Write an E-book

Write an e-book and sell it online. Anybody who can convert a word document into a PDF document can write an e-book. And you don’t have to be an author or marketer either (although if you are not it might be harder to sell your e-book)

Idea 3: Make Ipad Games/Applications

 I have a few IT savvy friends who have toyed making games for Iphones/Ipad (or have done so for the companies they work for).

You might have heard of the Steamy-iphone application story where 22 year olds made $100k+story here - from an application that makes your iphone fog up like a shower glass pane.  It looks like you can buy it here. (note my links only come from a google/yahoo search)

Idea 4: Use Ipad to promote yourself/organisation/product/band

Be creative!

Idea 5: Get a job working for Apple, an Electronics Store, etc.

This is an OK idea – but note you will probably get paid a salary or wage – there is a limit to what you would make. Also you would be paid based on hours worked.

The other examples you could make money as a result of previous effort.

My thoughts on Apple – the company

@Iphone – Always connected 

A lot of my friends have these now. I’ve played tap tap revenge a few times. But I haven’t got one yet for the following reasons:

1. Expensive ongoing cost ($60/month for Iphone vs $30 I pay isn’t that much but it adds up to $3,600 a year)

2. My phone purchased May2007 suits me fine.

3. I don’t need to check facebook 24 hours a day, and I don’t want to be awakened every time I get an email at 3am.

I must admit I’m waiting until Iphones start to break down. But none of my friends have yet (which is a credit to Apple)

@Ipods – Built to last…..(2 years that is) 

I have had 3 Ipod classics in nearly 5 years.  The first one my parents bought me for my 21st birthday. The day before my birthday our house was robbed. The burglars basically took all cash, jewellery and good electronics,. But they somehow missed the ipod (don’t know how - it was just sitting in a Myer bag)

The first Ipod broke (it might have got a little bit of water in it … whoops~) and Apple replaced it as it was within 6 months warrenty.

The 2nd ipod lasted almost 2 years (I was able to  prolong the life by 5 months by using the 5 R tips

I bought my 3rd Ipod in July 2008 (and I bought a 2 year extended warrenty because I do not trust Ipods lasting very long). I had to restart it a week ago – but otherwise than that it has worked well (I keep it in a hard case to avoid scratches).

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