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NoMoney provides free financial tips and insights – targeted at the young (aged 14 years + 9 months to 33 + 1/3 years) and is useful to anyone (including the not-so-young!) thinking about how to improve their financial situation. The site talks about how areas like money, finance, business and investing REALLY work and it aims to present a different perspective to the thinking often taught in schools and by parents and conservative friends.

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Greek Islands

Greek Islands

About the founder – Scott is a 29 year old accountant and  tax agent who has been working since he was 14 years and working at an accounting firm since he was 18 years.  Scott’s drive is to help people, particularly to help people achieve financial success.

Scott loves surfing, skittles and playing soccer. He would like to play guitar along to the ads on TV if people didn’t tell him to shut-up!



The information and opinions provided on this site are general advice only and may not be appropriate to your financial situation, needs or objectives.  It is strongly recommended that you seek independent professional tax and/or financial planning advice about your specific circumstances. Besides seeking independent advice, you should also do further research to satisfy yourself before making any financial decision.

What the Disclaimer above means

To simplify the above disclaimer: you would be a complete idiot(!) if you followed what you read on this site without:

1. Seeing an independent adviser to discuss your personal circumstances, AND

2. Doing your own research/homework.

Just to repeat: The information on this site might not be relevant to your individual situation (and is not intended to be).

I am NOT authorised to give personal advice and I am NOT authorised to give financial product advice.

After reading information on this site I would recommend some or all of the following steps to increase your financial education:

- Read books and do research on the internet  (see some of our recommended resources)

- Speak to a professional about your individual circumstances (such as someone with a financial services license like a bank manager, financial planner or some accountants)

- Speak to financially successful friends and family (but beware that they might not offer you good advice OR know your circumstances well enough). Free advice can cost you a lot of money if it helps you to make a bad decision.

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